Our new patient visits automatically include dietary evaluation and guidance, however if you do not have a specific health concern to address we offer a focused 30-minute consultation just to discuss food and how to nourish your body!

Good nutrition is such an important piece of your health care plan but it is rarely addressed in any depth during visits with your medical doctor. Many people have questions about their diet due to the abundance of information (and misinformation) on the web. They may wonder if they are sensitive to certain foods or if they should try the diet that helped their neighbor. 

Our philosophy around nutrition is fairly straightforward. We are all about teaching people to eat real food – food that you could find in nature or on a farm. Foods that require industrial processes and chemicals to produce do not produce health. We will show you how delicious and satisfying a natural, whole foods diet can be. Read more about our approach to nutrition here. 

Things we may offer based on your needs:

  • Recommendations for improving your current diet
  • Guidelines for choosing a nourishing diet
  • Advice on meal planning and choosing high-quality foods
  • Detoxification and cleansing diets
  • Elimination diets and/or blood testing for food sensitivity


Schedule a Dietary Consult now.

We recommend that you download and fill out a Diet Diary several days before your appointment. 

You have nothing to lose!

If you start with a dietary consult and then decide you would like to continue working with us to develop an individualized plan to support your weight loss or other health challenges, the cost of the dietary consult will go toward your new patient visit.