Super Spinach — 8 Comments

  1. I LUV spinach and would like to try this. Any chance I can call by and see or have a small sprig so I know zi have the correct plant?
    Will be passing this onto my son in Ohio, I know he will be interested, being vegetarian and interested in healthy food.

    • Sure! Bring a sprig by if you think you have found it. Either one of us can identify it. Be sure to call first to be sure we are there and have some time. You could also bring it to one of our classes.

  2. Thanks Doc! I have this in my garden, too. I had misidentified it as Amaranth ’cause the locals call it “Pigweed”. I know that the seeds are edible too…I went to great pains last year to collect the seeds for flour. Makes a very dark and delicious bread or porridge.

    • It does look a bit similar to amaranth (Amaranthus spp.) and both plants are sometimes called Pigweed. That’s the confusing thing about common names sometimes. They are in related families. I recommend using the Latin names when identifying and looking up information about plants as they are less variable though they can change as well. Thanks for mentioning the seeds. I’ll be sure to try those this Fall. One of my books said it imparts a pumpernickel-like flavor when added to flour to make bread.

  3. Glenn, I’d love to get some seeds from you.
    Perhaps, if you’re willing, you can leave some Lambs 1/4 seeds with Rebecca.
    I share the compost with you. The big white garbage can in the Food Matters cooler is mine.
    Thanks for the info.

    • No, I’ve never seen it at a store. You can often find it growing in old fields and such as well.