Chickens on the Move: My Take on Justin Rhodes’s Design — 7 Comments

  1. Okay, you’ve inspired me! I haven’t had a welding machine for awhile (I guess my last welder was stolen from me in the 1980s…) so I will try with galvanized iron water pipe, with the advantage that it has tees, elbows and all that to make my life easier!

    Then, when I actually know what I am doing, I’ll try the lightweight version, using PVC water pipe. Or not, depending on how the first one goes!

    Thanks, regards,

    Sam in southern Ecuador

    • The problem with using galvanized water pipe is you have to use off-the-shelf lengths unless you have a way of threading the end of the pipe after cutting it to length. I don’t know about Ecuador, but the iron pipe here is expensive; it would be cheaper and easier to build the wooden version. It would also be heavy.

    • I had to or I wouldn’t be able to get it around on my property. I have foot paths, not roads to get around.