Your healing process begins with our very first consultation. In our in-depth evaluation of your health, we inquire, listen and take detailed notes about all the factors related to your current health. Our focus is collaborative: As Naturopathic Doctors we guide and coach you to help you meet your goals and implement a plan that will allow you to feel your best - naturally!

Our deepest passion and commitment is to facilitate
your body's own healing process.
  Our Naturopathic approach is comprehensive and includes various natural therapies to accomplish this goal.  

Natural Therapies We Employ


Good nutrition is the foundation of your health. We tailor your nutritional plan to your body's needs and help you learn to make healthy choices.  We may also consider the impact of food sensitivities through specialized elimination diets or blood testing.   Read more about our approach to nutrition.

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is the art and science of using plant extracts to support and restore health. We create custom herbal formulas designed just for you, taking into account possible interactions with any medications.


Homeopathy is a safe, gentle system of healing. As we assess the homeopathic remedy that will most support you, we consider your physical symptoms as well as your personality and emotional or mental patterns.  Read more about homeopathy. 

Lifestyle Coaching

We will encourage and support you to make the specific, powerful changes that will stimulate your own body’s healing process. Changes may include welcoming more movement into your life, prioritizing sleep and self-care, spending reflective time in nature, engaging less with technology-based stimulation, and developing or rekindling your creative spirit.

What to Expect

With your active participation and engagement, you can expect to see definite improvements in your condition within the first few months:

"I came to Dr. Marty with severe fatigue and depression. I was impressed by how knowledgeable she is, as well as how thorough she was with my background. With her help, I felt better within 1 month and am now well on my way to full recovery after just 3 months. I can't recommend Dr. Marty highly enough!"
- Dana Eakins

However chronic, long-standing conditions will typically take much longer to resolve. Often a year or more of your dedicated commitment is needed for you to feel the full results: 

"Dr. Glenn has been very attentive to my health needs.   You have to be willing to do the work, though thankfully he is very forgiving. Many years of chronic fatigue leading to adrenal exhaustion has been tough to cure, but my energy just continues to improve.  It  is so empowering to have the proper tools, knowledge, and support to combat such a long-standing condition."
- A. Berenzy
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