Natural foot care, a specialty area of Dr. Glenn Ingram, is a holistic approach to healing the foot pain and dysfunction that is often brought on by our choice of footwear. Dr. Glenn will help you rehabilitate your feet by evaluating the cause of your foot pain and will teach you how to address it naturally with bodywork, stretching, exercise, natural anti-inflammatories, and hydrotherapy. His recommendations will include carefully chosen footwear with individualized modifications that allow the feet to function as nature intended.  In most cases this simple program creates lasting results and stronger, more flexible feet. If surgery does end up being necessary, all of the work to improve footwear and rehabilitate the feet will help improve the outcome and prevent repeat surgeries.

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Dr. Glenn’s Foot Journey: 

My interest in feet began as a child in rural South Carolina where we were barefoot throughout most of the year. Having thick-soled feet was a point of pride among the kids on the farm.  I have continued going barefoot as often as possible throughout most of my life and found that I feel much better and have fewer joint problems when I go barefoot or wear minimalist shoes.

After graduating from naturopathic medical school in 2006, I began practicing with alternative podiatrist Ray McClanahan, DPM, creator of Correct Toes, at Northwest Foot and Ankle clinic in Portland, Oregon.  From him, I learned much more about the biomechanics of the foot, the problems with modern shoes, and how to help people with all sorts of chronic foot issues.

Common foot problems:
  • Plantar fasciosis (fasciitis)
  • Foot pain of all sorts
  • Bunions and hammertoes
  • Neuromas
  • and lots more
Four problematic features in shoe design:
  • Raised heel
  • Narrow toe box
  • Toe spring
  • Stiff soles

Please bring an assortment of your favorite shoes/boots/sandals to your first appointment so that Dr. Glenn can evaluate them.

Take the first step toward foot freedom by scheduling a consult with Dr. Glenn.